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African Birth Collective helps to supply our partner clinics in Senegal with needed medical supplies, mothers with infant clothing and vitamins, midwives with educational resources and much more.

We have also used donated funds for:

  • Ambulances for emergency transport to hospitals

  • Solar water pumps for running water in a rural clinic in Casamance

  • French translation of “A Book for Midwives” to be used throughout Francophone West Africa and West Indies for educating direct entry midwives in rural areas

  • Building the Kassoumay Birth House in the village of Kabar, Casamance

None of these efforts would be possible without the support of donations from everyday people who want birth to be safer for mothers in Africa. Please contribute whatever you can to realize these important goals and share the gift of knowledge through these educational projects. Click the link below to give any dollar amount via PayPal, a safe, secure, tax deductible way to donate. You don't even need to be a PayPal member to donate, a Credit or Debit Card and email address are all that is required. For us this is the least expensive, most safe & secure way we can obtain support and we hugely appreciate you, our compassionate partners in this work... THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Donate here using PayPal

Ambulance bought with contribution funds

Ambulance made possible by donations

Water Pump

Solar water pump made possible by donations







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