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Midwifery Programs

The African Birth Collective no longer runs Midwifery Exchange Programs directly but can recommend the following groups that are currently providing these opportunites for students:

Mboro Clinic

Asia Sikilla will host students and in the lovely coastal village of Kafountine, Casamance in the southern Djolla region. The clinic is walking distance from the house and cell phones allow us to always be on call. The Kafountine clinic averages between 40-60 births per month. They also have a thriving organic garden in the back for additional income. There are also opportunities for longer term apprenticeships at our new Kassoumay Birth House in coordination with MotherHealth International.

Please contact Asia Sikilla at: awanyaa@yahoo.com

Kufuntine Kufuntine
Kafountine Clinic

We strive to be of service to the women in these clinics, as well as learn from our partner midwives and their culture. This is a unique opportunity to critically look at how culturally based assumptions affect our understanding of basic concepts of health and illness, passages of birth and death, causation of disease and care during pregnancy and postpartum. We ask everyone to keep a willing attitude and an open mind that is free of judgment and full of curiosity.

Please direct additional questions to:
Kaya Skye at 541-951-9995 or africanbirthc@gmail.com




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